Fortitudo is working on a revised proposal for the re-development of a 0.17ha site at 27-31 West Quay Road, Poole.

This website provides information about the emerging proposals.

Questions and feedback are encouraged.

A public exhibition will be held 4pm-8pm on Wednesday 11th April 2018 at the RNLI. We would be delighted to see you there, where members of the project team will be on hand to answer your questions. However, we appreciate that your time is precious, so you can also ask questions and provide feedback via the comments section of this website.


The site forms part of the Twin Sails Regeneration Area and Town Centre. It enjoys frontage along West Quay Road and Holes Bay Basin.
The site is currently occupied by a single storey showroom and two linked high-bay steel portal framed industrial buildings, collectively measuring 900sqm. The buildings host Golden Arrow Marine sales and service centre.

The site was first earmarked for redevelopment in Poole Local Plan First Alteration in 2004 and has consistently featured in successive planning policy documents.

Outline planning permission (APP14/01653) for the ‘demolition of the existing premises and erection of a part 9, part 5 storey mixed use building comprising 56 residential apartments and office / commercial units with associated access and underground parking’ was granted 1st September 2017. A schematic of the consented scheme is shown below.

The principle of commercial and residential use is firmly established.

Fortitudo is an experienced local developer with a successful track record of delivery in Poole. The company is working on a revised scheme, which will ensure the efficient use of this centrally located brownfield site and has appointed a project team to assist.

Whilst the consented scheme exhibits a distinctive design, the basement parking arrangement comes at a high-cost owing to the need to strengthen the quay wall. Thus, the revisions put forward a more cost-effective solution. Furthermore, the consented scheme fails to realise the sites full potential, noting that the Government’s Housing White Paper: ‘Fixing our broken housing market’ and 2017 budget announcements encourage higher densities in accessible locations. The site enjoys a sustainable location within easy walking distance of shops and services, employment, education and leisure opportunities. It is also within 500m of Poole rail station, affording easy access to higher order settlements.


The proposed development would comprise ground floor commercial uses, with 78 one and two-bedroom apartments above, with 45 car parking spaces and secure cycle parking.

This would entail the addition of two storeys such that the proposed building would be c.6.37m higher. Public access along Whittles Way and to the proposed quayside slipway would be maintained.




It is important to stress that our proposals are still evolving and your feed-back will influence the form and content of any planning application.

However, in formulating the concept design we have been mindful of:

  • the planning history

  • site opportunities and constraints (including flood risk)

  • the character of the surrounding area

  • national and local planning policies

  • viability considerations


Relevant Development Plan documents and supplementary guidance all of which has been subject to extensive public consultation.

The final design will also be influenced by the findings of technical assessments. A project team has been appointed to take these forward.


Building for life 12 is advocated by the Poole Quay Forums. It encourages developers and local communities to think about the design of new developments under 12 key themes

The prevalent character of the immediate area is presented by a mix of commercial uses, typically comprising large buildings set within large plots. The vision for the Twin Sails Regeneration Area will undoubtedly see the area’s transition with land-mark buildings supporting a vibrant mix of commercial and residential uses and enhanced public realm.

The site is identified as suitable for tall buildings in the emerging Local Plan and there are a number of existing tall buildings within the vicinity of the site, notably the 10 storey Aqua development and 11 storey tower at 71 West Quay Road, and proposed tall buildings, including up to 14 storeys at Sydenhams.

connections key


The site lies within easy walking and cycling distance of a wide range of shops, services, school, employment and leisure opportunities.

There are multiple bus stops within 150m of the site, supporting high frequency services to the town centre and travel hubs (Poole bus station and Poole train station), as well as facilities further afield.


ServiceDestinationFrequencyOperating hours
9 Poole / Creekmoor (via Hamworthy and Upton) Every 15 mins / Every 30 mins on Sundays Mon-Fri 5.08am-0.05am / Sat 7.12am-0.05am / Sun 8.30am-23.25pm
152 Poole Bus Station / Rockley Park Every 30 mins Mon – Sat 9.07am-6.30pm / Sun 9.25am-17.50pm
Train service Weymouth - Waterloo Every half hour  

An average of 433 new homes per year were built in Poole between 2006 and 2015. This fell well short of the target of 500 new homes per year set out in the adopted Core Strategy.

It is estimated that some 14,200 new homes are likely to be required in Poole between 2013 and 2033, some 6,000 of which are expected to come forward within Poole Town Centre. The Twin Sails Regeneration Area sites have an important role to play in meeting this need.

The site is encompassed within allocation T8 in the emerging Poole Local Plan, which covers the land between the RNLI up to the Twin Sails bridge. Emerging policy PP5 suggests that allocation T8 should yield approximately 550 new homes.


The prevailing character of the immediate area is presented by large modern buildings. A notable exception is the single storey hall to the east that accommodates Poole Sea Scouts (locally listed). Given the relatively open aspect afforded to the site, there is scope for a strong built form that steps up towards the harbour frontage. Architectural detailing and the selection of high quality materials deliver a contemporary finish that will withstand the exposed coastal environment.

The site benefits from being level with no steep slopes or undulations. There are no landscape features of note within the site.

The open aspect across the junction of West Quay Road and Marstons Road (part of the one-way gyratory system) presents an opportunity for a landmark building. The step-in height and offset tower section helps to provide a sense of depth when viewed within the street scene, adding visual interest and preserving a sense of spaciousness.

Whittles Way defines the northern boundary of the site and presents an important connection to the harbour edge, with views across Holes Bay. This connection will be preserved and new public realm created along the harbour front.

The proposed north-eastern corner of the building will be curved to acknowledge the presence of Whittles Way and present a pleasing focal point for those travelling south along West Quay Road.

The proposed development will be set within the public realm – indeed the proposal will create new spaces. The building façade will define the extent of the public realm.

The proposal will address West Quay Road presenting an active commercial frontage and attractive legible façade. The building line has been set back from the existing line adding to the sense of spaciousness.

The proposed development will be set within the public realm.

The preservation of an unencumbered visual connection between West Quay Road and Holes Bay (along Whittles Way) will undoubtedly serve to entice visitors to the water front.

The proposed building has been designed with an intuitive layout and presents legible facades. The main entrances will all be visible from West Quay Road.


The creation of a section of quayside walkway will enhance connectivity and help to open up public access to the waterfront. The inclusion of ground floor commercial units along the eastern and western elevations provides an active frontage and an opportunity for passive surveillance of the public realm.

Each home will have one secure covered cycle space. This will be conveniently positioned to grant easy access to West Quay Road – which forms part of the cycle network.

he proposal falls within parking zone 1 of the Borough of Poole’s adopted Parking and Highway Supplementary Planning Document. 45 unallocated car parking spaces will be provided across three floors for use by future occupants of some of the apartments; However, given the sites proximity to a wide range of shops, services, employment, schools and leisure opportunities, together with the frequency of public transport, part of the development will be car free – reflecting its highly accessible location.

The existing permit parking along Whittles Way will be maintained.


Surface materials will be an importance factor in presenting an inviting attractive environment for residents and visitors alike.

Variations in levels and surface materials will also be utilised to emphasise the shared nature of the space surrounding the building, thereby controlling traffic speeds and giving pedestrians and cyclists priority.

The majority of the apartments would enjoy private balconies. These are of a size that will allow for two people to sit out.

An integral bin storage area has been positioned at ground level affording convenient access and avoid cluttering the street scene. It is envisaged that bins would be emptied by private collection.

We will consider all of the feedback received to see if our proposals can be improved or otherwise address issues through the form and content of the planning application.

Ecological, Transport and flood risk assessments will also be completed to inform the final scheme.

It is envisaged that an outline planning application will be submitted to Borough of Poole in early May 2018. All matters, other than landscaping, will be considered in full.